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ordering Scallop Shellbox $180.00 Birdseye Maple, velvet lined. 10"x8"x3"

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Large Oval Box birdseye Maple &Zircote. 8"x7"x3" $120.00
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Round Box birdseye Maple and Zircote. 7.5" dia.


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Crescent box Birdseye Maple


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Boxes that are shown are in figured Maple with Zircote accents. I keep a small supply of finnished boxes ready to ship in the woods shown, if you desire any specific wood I will make up a box for you, please allow an additional one to two weeks. All prices do include standard shipping.
Nautilus box in birdseye Maple. 10"x9"x3" $180.00
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Small ovals 7"x4"x3"


Small round boxes 5"dia


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